Children’s Foundation encourages kind people and companies to forgo unnecessary Christmas presents and lend a helping hand in bettering the quality of treatment for children by donating or purchasing charity products instead.

Children’s Foundation is a nationwide charity organisation in Estonia. In its 18 operating years the fund has, with the aid of donators, purchased medical equipment for hospitals, supported additional training for doctors and other specialists, and helped thousands of children in need of special care or treatment. This year families from 13 counties have received support from the fund to cover the costs of care or treatment for their child. Only from Läänemaa and Hiiumaa has no-one applied for help.

Through the Children’s Foundation it is possible to donate to a certain cherished project that aids children with similar needs, help a specific child or make a general donation. All the supported projects can be found on the homepage of the Children’s Foundation. Along with a donation one can also purchase a charity Christmas card or a letter which lets the receiver know that they have been gifted with a good deed that helps ill children all across Estonia. The employees of the foundation are more than happy to attend Christmas parties or meet the donators in person to express gratitude and speak about the mission and the activities of the fund in more detail.

Additionally, charity Christmas cards can be bought to help the ones in need. The tradition of selling Christmas cards reaches back to the early years of the fund according to the Strategy Manager of the Children’s Foundation Küllike Hein. “In the beginning we asked the kids of art school to draw pictures on the cards. Over the last few years however we have collaborated with different well-known artists and this year Kamilla Saabre was chosen to illustrate the charity Christmas card for the Children’s Foundation,” says Küllike Hein.

Hein explains that charity Christmas cards are a great way to connect the good with the useful. For example when a person likes to surprise loved ones with cards or when a company already sends cards to their associates for Christmas why not give a charity card. “This year’s card costs 2 Euros and around 10% of it covers the making of the card which means that 90% of the price goes straight to charity,” she clarifies. “Also we have quite a few delicious and practical charitable Christmas products that can be found in the Charitable Products E-Shop,” Hein adds.

The Tartu University Hospital Children’s Foundation is one of the oldest and largest nationwide charitable organisations in Estonia, which from the year 2000 has, along with the donators, supported different hospitals in purchasing equipment, also children in need of special treatment and care and their families by a total of 4.5 million euros. You can also help children in need of treatment by becoming a permanent donator of the Children’s Foundation at To apply for a donation or to let us know about someone in need please send us an e-mail to

PHOTO: Pexels / CC0 Licence