With the help of our donators, the Children’s Foundation supports children with rare genetic diseases, and all children that due to their illness need help and care, especially if their medical costs are not covered by the Health Insurance Fund or their local government either partly or at all. We support the improvement of home treatments for severely ill children and the purchase of medical equipment for Tartu University Children’s Hospital and for other pediatric departments of hospitals around Estonia.

Unlike other support foundations in Estonia, we have and will continue to support sick children all around Estonia (including Tallinn), regardless of whether they are treated in the Tartu University Hospital.

Children with rare diseases

Tartu University Hospital Competence Center for Rare Diseases

Playgrounds in Tartu and Pärnu


Field therapy visits

Neonatal screenings

Medical food mixtures

Developmental therapies

Psychological help

Children of Ukrainian refugees

Aids and appliances

Dental implants

Innovative devices in medical institutions across Estonia

Joint events and camps for sick children and their parents

You can read about all the areas of support in detail here (in Estonian).