There are many ways a donator can choose from to support seriously ill children through the Children’s Foundation. All of the following ways are equally helpful for the children and project the Children’s Foundation supports.

You can help seriously ill children through us  by becoming a permanent donator of the foundation and donating a fixed amount monthly, or you can make a one-time donation – via a bank transfer, by phone, by contributing to a donation box, or through the “I Love to Help” donation environment.

In addition, ill children can be aided by providing free products or services to the Children’s Foundation, purchasing charitable products from the foundation’s online store, doing internships with us, participating in various charitable cooperation projects, or joining our activities as a volunteer.

The numbers for our donation accounts and donation phone numbers can be found HERE.

Income Tax Incentives

The University of Tartu Hospital Children’s Foundation has been entered in the list of non-profit organisations with income tax incentives, which means that from every donation made, a person can apply for income tax rebate (the donators identification code and the donation amount will be forwarded to the Tax and Customs Board by us and it will appear in the pre-filled tax declaration).

It is important for entrepreneurs to note that the deduction of donations is limited to 10% of the yearly income or to 3% of the amount taxable with social tax, according to the tax payer’s own choice. The information will be forwarded to the Tax and Customs Board by the University of Tartu Hospital Children’s Foundation by the 1st of Febrary of the next financial year.