Founded in 2000 by 26 civilians, the Tartu University Hospital Children’s Foundation is one of Estonia’s largest and oldest charitable funds. We support hundreds of children and their families in need of special treatment and care. We also support the purchase of medical equipment for hospitals. In the course of our twenty-two years of operation, we have collected nearly 20 million euros in donations and helped 3,000 children across Estonia. Our unofficial slogan is “Filling in the gaps since 2000!” and today we see the need to stand for the principle “Every child counts!”

What do we do?

  • We improve the quality of home treatment conditions for children who are ill in need of special care – on the basis of cost documents, we compensate the families’ expenses related to the treatment of a child with a serious or rare disease, which are not covered by the Estonian Health Insurance Fund, the Social Insurance Board or the local government, or are partially covered;
  • We help to acquire necessary equipment for the children’s clinic of the Tartu University Clinic and the children’s departments of other subdivisions of the clinic and smaller Estonian hospitals;
  • We improve the quality of treatment by supporting the further training of doctors and other medical specialists;
  • We mediate the help of our supporters – we help them reach those in need with their products and services.

How do we do it?

All funds of the Children’s Foundation come from our donators – citizens or companies who wish to give their part to supporting sick children. In order to collect donations, we organize different charity campaigns and promotions, we offer the opportunity to donate in public places and events and we organize cooperations with sponsors.

The Children’s Foundation also includes volunteers in our activities: in addition to seven paid employees, around 50 volunteers in Tartu, Tallinn, and Pärnu help the Foundation achieve its goals. Even the six-member Council of the Children’s Foundation are also volunteers, who receive no payment for their work.


Our mission

The mission of the Children’s Foundation is to raise care and awareness of the population towards the weaker and more delicate.


Priit Alamäe, Teet Jagomägi, Aino Järvesoo, Arno Justus, Mart Einasto, Jaan Kallas, Antti Kask, Malle Keis, Jaan Kelder, Jüri Kirss, Juhan Kolk, Aare Märtson, Robert Närska, Aune Past, Jaanus Pikani, Andres Piirsoo, Parvel Pruunsild, Uudo Reino, Piret Roos, Urmas Siigur, Olari Taal, Tiina Talvik, Raul Talvik, Jaano Uibo, Karin Varik, Merli Siff.