All children want to play, including children with reduced mobility, but unfortunately regular playgrounds are often not accessible by wheelchairs. That is why, with the help of our good donators, the Children’s Foundation is helping to build two playgrounds – one in Pärnu and one in Tartu – where all children, including children with mobility impairments, can play together.

The aim is to create accessible playgrounds for children with special needs, considering the specific requirements of children with reduced mobility. For example, sandboxes where children don’t necessarily have to sit, but can also lie on their stomach and climbing fields that are also accessible in wheelchairs. Through this we are able to create a safe environment for movement, leisure and play for all.

Tartu playground will be built right next to new Children’s Clinic of Tartu University Hospital, in the park behind Puusepa 2. This way even the smallest patients can enjoy playing and moving, while staying at the pediatric clinic for a longer period of time. Pärnu playground will be built near Pärnu Hospital for the same purpose.

In addition to smaller players, playgrounds are also important for youths who are in wheelchairs. The parks will have a separate wheelchair path where it is possible to practice different movements and encourage general wheelchair adaptation.

The design and planning of the playgrounds are currently in progress. According to current projections, Tartu and Pärnu playgrounds may cost a total of 350 000 euros.

In addition, we have supported the completion of the second phase of the Haapsalu Neurological Rehabilitation Centre activity and play park. Currently, the development of the third stage is also in progress, which our Children’s Foundation supporting with 120,000 euros.