To apply for support from the Children’s Foundation, we ask you to submit an application form (either for a person or a company/establishment), either directly on our web page or via an e-mail (the form is available on our web page). When filling the application, please make sure all the boxes are filled, and all the information meets the requirements. When submitting the application form through our web page, please make sure all needed additional documents are added.

For individuals, we ask to inlcude (or add as a cover letter):

  • An attending physician’s commentary concerning the case history, and requirements of treatment/equipment of the patient
  • The local government’s social – or child protection worker’s assessment on the patient’s condition and a commentary on the refusal of support or partial support of the case.
  • If possible, the decision of the Health Insurance Fund not to support the treatment

All required documents are to be digitally signed and sent to the Support Application Manager of the Children’s Foundation, Eveli Ilves, via the e-mail adress

A form for an organization can be submitted and downloaded from here (in Estonian).

A form for an Individual can be submitted and downloaded from here (in Estonian).