Through the donation form you can make a one-time donation or a permanent donation to help to treat children with rare diseases. Alternatively, you can make a permanent donation by filling in the form and we will send you an invoice by the 10th of each month. When you make a permanent donation, be sure to share your email address with us so we can keep you updated on how we’ve helped together.

Donation through a bank transfer

In the case of a one-time donation, the amount chosen by you will be transfered from your bank account to the account of the Children’s Foundation only once. To support sick children through the Children’s Foundation, you should make a transfer to one of the Children’s Foundation’s bank accounts:

SA Tartu Ülikooli Kliinikumi Lastefond

  • Swedbank IBAN EE682200221015828742
  • SEB IBAN EE261010220014910011
  • Luminor IBAN EE791700017000285384
  • LHV IBAN EE527700771000610813
  • Coop IBAN EE824204278603586607.

Requisites for non-Estonian bank transfer

Bank: Swedbank, address: Liivalaia 8, Tallinn
IBAN: EE682200221015828742

As with permanent donation, if You want to apply for a rebate on the income tax when completing your tax return form, You should insert Your personal identification code (isikukood) into field with additional information in e-bank form.

Phone donation (For Estonian phone numbers only!)

By calling the Children’s Foundation’s donation numbers, the amount chosen by you will be added to your phone bill of the current month. To donate a suitable amount, you have to call one of the given phone numbers:

  • By calling 900 5025 you donate 5 euros
  • By calling 900 5100 you donate 10 euros
  • By calling 900 5500 you donate 50 euros

Usually the phone donations will be directed to support current (main)campaigns.

Donating to a donation box

In different events, where the Children’s Foundation is represented, you can also always see our donation boxes, where you can put a suitable amount of cash for you if you wish. Also, the Children’s Foundation’s donation boxes are permanently represented in many public places in Tartu, Tallinn, Pärnu and also on Tallink ships.

in Tartu
Eeden shopping centre
Coop (Kvartal)
Tartu University Hospital: Main building, Emergency Medicine Department, Post-labour Department
Tartu University Academic Sports Club
Tartu Bus Station
The Police and Border Guard Board

in Tallinn
Marienthal shopping centre
Ülemiste shopping centre
Tallinn Bus Station
Tallinn Airport

in Pärnu
Port Artur

on Tallink ships

in Viljandi
Police Station

Income Tax Incentives

The University of Tartu Hospital Children’s Foundation has been entered in the list of non-profit organisations with income tax incentives, which means that from every donation made, a person can apply for income tax rebate (the donators identification code and the donation amount will be forwarded to the Tax and Customs Board by us and it will appear in the pre-filled tax declaration).

It is important for entrepreneurs to note that the deduction of donations is limited to 10% of the yearly income or to 3% of the amount taxable with social tax, according to the tax payer’s own choice. The information will be forwarded to the Tax and Customs Board by the University of Tartu Hospital Children’s Foundation by the 1st of Febrary of the next financial year.