Being a charitable organization, the Children’s Foundation, along with donators and volunteers, also highly values socially responsible partners, who help us to collect donations in different ways.

As a partner, you are welcome to organize different charitable actions, events or campaigns to support the Children’s Foundation, either independently, or with the help of the Children’s Foundation. If this is something you wish, then contact us with a solid plan, or just a plain idea via e-mail, at

From a partner, we expect:

  • Notifying the Children’s Foundation about an event (campaign, action, cause), at least two months in advance.
  • A presentation of the event’s (campaign, action, cause) general description(goal, target group, number of participants, contact person etc.) in a free format.
  • A presentation of the event’s (campaign, action, cause) communication plan(planned advertisement, interaction with the media, general notifications) in a free format.
  • A presentation of your own vision of how to involve the Children’s Foundation in the organizing and executing the event(if help is needed with notifications, in the form of volunteers, or in some other way. How and in what way will donations be collected, and when will the donations be handed over).

PS! If you don’t have the answers to all of the criteria above in your current plan, do not be intimidated to give up your plan, just contact us, and we will find the solutions together!

To a partner, we offer:

  • A chance to give an important part in making life in Estonia better, through helping sick children.
  • Promotion, by adding a charitable aspect to your products/services.
  • Positive advertising either through direct(advertising materials), or indirect(news stories, Facebook posts).
  • During extensive programs, definetly new contacts and experiences.

All of our partners will be showed on our home page.