A permanent donation is the easiest and most comfortable way to consistently help children in need through the Children’s Foundation.

The Children’s Foundation monthly helps hundreds of children struggling with severe illnesses. To ensure continued support, reassurance, and security for these children and families, we need the help of generous people who donate to the fund regularly. Our goal is to help as many children and families facing a serious illness as possible. These children need support not only during campaigns they need it every single day. That’s why we are especially grateful to the people, that support the Children’s Foundation regularly and consistently – our permanent donators.

If you too would like to help consistently, then you are welcome to join the Children’s Foundation’s community of permanent donators! Our community of permanent donators now has nearly 10,000 big-hearted and generous people, who help the world through small acts of kindness!

What does a permanent donation mean?

A permanent donator is a person who has decided to support the Children’s Foundation with a fixed amount every month and has signed a standing order agreement with their home bank for this purpose. The contract can be canceled at any time using the online banking services. The amount and the date of the donation are selected by the donator and will be transferred to the Children’s Foundation’s account once a month.

The easiest way to become a permanent donator to the Children’s Foundation is through our website – become a permanent donator here.

The amount of the permanent donation is chosen by the donator. The Children’s Foundation will send an invoice to the donator’s home bank once per month.

You can make a general permanent donation to the Children’s Foundation or you can specify, if you want to target your donation for a specific support project or a child in permanent need of help, by writing the corresponding keyword in the explanation.

Income Tax Incentives

The University of Tartu Hospital Children’s Foundation has been entered in the list of non-profit organisations with income tax incentives, which means, that from every donation made, a natural person can apply for income tax rebate (the donators identification code and the donation amount will be forwarded to the Tax and Customs Board by us and it will appear in the pre-filled tax declaration).

That’s why it is important for you to add your personal identification number as an explanation, that will ensure that the information about your donations will be automatically forwarded to your tax return form, and you can apply for income tax returns.