“If you can’t do it with good, you can do it with very good!” mellow apple marmelade is a finely crafted sweet delight that is also low in calories so you don’t even have to count it as a cheat meal! It is a perfect healthy alternative for those with a sweet tooth as well a late night snack for more weight concious chocolate lovers! The sweet Bear from the popular comic “Pesakond” only eats these sweets, that is why it only things good world saving thoughts. Bear vouches that it only takes one chocolate marmelade (it calls it magic marmelade), to get such great thoughts, and if you have more then you do not have to worry: the marmelade contains only pure fruites and berries from the Estonian nature and absolutely no e-substances, that can damage you body. Well, a tiny bit of powdered sugar on each marmelade is only there to be blown away into fairy dust. It works just the same as blowing out candles on a birthday cake and our Bear said that so far all of its wishes have come true. Send your well wishes to the children and parents who are supported by our foundation while having our sweet marmelade – that’s how we can help together! Thank you for doing good!

Ingredients: water, Ingredients: water, beet sugar*, glucose syrup*, milk chocolate* 13%, (cane sugar, cocoa butter, milk powder, cocoa mass, emulsifier: soy lecithin), puree* 6% (apple), acidity regulator (citric acid), gelling agent agar-agar*, dried apple powder*

Milk chocolate cocoa content 35%