Our series “If you can’t do it with good, you can do it with very good!” has a new additon – a jumper that will not leave you unseen! On the contrary, well known brands will diminish next to this colorful jumper and will humbly step aside, because the Bear from the popular “Pesakond” comic has come to conquer them all with its powerful message. Simple, striking and most importantly, absolutely true! The more goodness we have towards each other, the more certain we can be that the world will one day become a better place, where no children or parent in need will need will be in despair. Help us get the message out by wearing this lovely and warm jumper, knowing that you stand out from the masses for being an amazing person! The jumpers are made of 70% cotton, 30% polyester fabric. The fabric is eco-tex certified, which means that no chemicals harmful to the body and the environment have been used.

Design and production – Franz Raver

Delivery time is 7-14 days