Many small and slightly bigger commitments have come together as an excellent opportunity to now provide state-of-the-art rehabilitation and South Estonian patients.
Robot is now set up in the University of Tartu Clinic of Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation waiting for patients. Walking robot help to solve or restore the walking pattern of children who do not can walk due to birth trauma, stroke or something else or whose movement is significantly disturbed.
The walking robot is a modern rehabilitation treatment tool which help make physiotherapy classes more varied; and more intense by moving the patient’s legs and mimicking the correct one
walking pattern hundreds of times. Therapists can not ensure such intensity without help.
The Children’s Fund of the University of Tartu started to collect donations for the modern robot technology device costing about 500,000 euros during 2018 Christmas in cooperation with Kanal 2 program ‘’Christmas Heat’’.
Many good companies and individuals have supported the purchase of the walking robot. Children’s Fund has organized charity events in cooperation with good partners, and fund volunteers have gathered at public events to purchase the device
donations. The University of Tartu Clinic has also contributed to the acquisition of the walking robot.