Tartu University Children Hospital’s Children’s Foundation’s campaign „Üleannetus“, along with charitable family days, held in 15 county centers, have brought in 37 951 euros to children in need of special food mixtures.

Of that amount, 23 917 euros have been donated through the Children’s Foundation’s campaign web site www.üleannetus.ee, and 14 034 euros during family days that took place all over Estonia on the 11. of March. The biggest amount – 1447 euros, was donated at Rakvere Family Day.

The collected amount of donations will enable special food mixtures to six children for two years. „We are very grateful to everyone that took part in the campaign, and the fact that six children found support through the campaign, is a big deal,“ according to the strategic manager of the Children’s Foundation, Küllike Saar. „Currently there are 18 children who need our help with purchasing food mixtures, which means that a big part of the needed donations have yet to be collected.“

The Strategic Manager of the Children’s Foundation also adds, that the Foundation will not leave any children without help, and will continue to work, in order to help every child. In addition to everyday activities, donations are open to be made on the campaign „Üleannetus“ web page www. Üleannetus.ee

Küllike Saar calls everyone up to take part in the campaign, who have yet to do so: „We have decided to continue collecting donations through the campaign until the 10. of April, so for almost a month, everyone has a chance to leave their mark on Estonia’s donation card, and give their part to support children in need of food mixtures“.

The goal of the campaign was to collect a large donation, that was donated from all around Estonia, for children that need special food mixtures due to their condition. The financial goal was 206 000 euros, that would have enabled the Foundation to help 30 children during a 2 year period.

„Based on the information we got from doctors, the amount of children in need of food mixtures is increasing, that’s why we hope the campaign sends a message to the families of these children, that they are welcome to turn to the Children’s Foundation for help,“ Saar stresses. „Special food mixtures are more expensive than regular food, and the Healt Insurance Fund does not compensate it at this time. That’s the reason why many families have given up on purchasing it, although the child needs it. We want to offer the families support, so they can provide their children with the needed food mixtures.“

All families, that have a child in need of special food mixtures, are welcome to turn to the Children’s Foundation for support. All the needed information can be found at the Foundation’s web page www.lastefond.ee/abivajajale.

The special food mixture is a special compound that contains a large concentrated amount of nutrients in a small amount of food, and for many sick children, these are the only way to obtain the needed nutrients for a normal life and growth, and for some children, the only way to eat at all. These mixtures provide the children with more energy and strength to cope with their disease – they reach their normal body weight, develop physically, have better immunity and therefore are healthier.

The Tartu University Hospital Children’s Foundation is one of the oldest and largest nationwide charitable organisations in Estonia, which from the year 2000 has, along with the donators, supported different hospitals in purchasing equipment, also children in need of special treatment and care and their families by a total of 3 million euros. You can also help children in need of treatment by becoming a permanent donator of the Children’s Foundation at http://lastefond.ee/vormista-pusiannetus . To apply for a donation or to let us know about someone in need please send us an e-mail to info@lastefond.ee.