From today, the 27. of April, the sale of duck numbers is open on the Duck Race webpage, and everyone who wishes, has the chance of sponsoring a duck, that will represent them in the „swimming competition“ on the 11. of June in Kadrioru Park, with a suitable amount.

A sponsor for a bath duck can be an individual, a family, fellowship, or a company, and it’s possible to make multiple donations and support more than one duck in the race. To become a sponsor for a numbered duck, you need to visit the Duck Race webpage before the 11. of June, click on „Osale Pardirallil“ and determine and pay the amount, with which you wish to sponsor a duck, and throught that support severely ill children and their families. After that, the donator will be displayed the competition number of their duck, and all that’s left to do, is remember it and keep their fingers crossed.

The campaign of collecting donations is going to end with a spirited family day on the 11. of June in the Kadrioru Park, where a charitable concert and „swimming contest“ of thousands of bath ducks or „Duck Race“ will take place: 10 000 bath ducks will be launched in the Kadrioru Park Channel, that will pass a predetermined distance. The first duck to cross the finish line will bring its donator the main prize of the event, that has been put up by – a family trip to Sweden with accomodations and tickets to The World of Astrid Lindgren. Many fun surprise prizes will be given out amongst all other contestants as well. The event is free of charge.

Märt Avandi, member of Estonian Society of Parents of Children with Cancer and of the leaders of the Duck Race, is calling people up to participate in the Duck Race, because only together can we make big things happen. „Of course it would be amazing if we wouldn’t have to organize an event like this at all, considering the purpose of the fundraising, but in a paradoxical way, it’s nice to organize it! What makes the Duck Race especially fun, are of course the good people that come along with it. And there are unbelieveably many of them! It is beautiful and moving,“ he says. „Only thanks to them, so many essential things have gotten done, that otherwise would not have – so obviously we need this event. Let’s hope that the third year of organizing will make the Duck Race run even smoother.“

Avandi recommends people that want to participate in the Duck Race to hurry with the purchase of a number, because only a limited amount of ducks will be in the race. „Experiences from the two previous years have shown that the amount of ducks, that on the first sight seems huge – 10 000 ducks – will find their sponsors quickly, although it may seem unbelieveable at first. So it’s wise to hurry, and not to leave purchasing a number to the last minute!“

The Duck Race is a charitable event launcehd by the Estonian Society of Parents of Children with Cancer, and it’s objective in 2016. is to collect donations to sponsor the providing of services in the support centre for children suffering from cancer and their families, and to provide special food mixtures for severely ill children.

Prizes and presents to the participants of the Duck Race have been put up by, Spot of Tallinn, Pokumaa, Otepää seikluspark, teater Vanemuine, Vembu-Tembumaa, Valgeranna seikluspark, Cantervilla lossi mängumaa, Lottemaa, Sunlines Cruise Co, Maanteemuuseum, EXIT Room, Eesti Vabaõhumuuseum, Lennundusmuuseum ja Tallinna Loomaaed.