PRESS RELEASE: PLEASE HELP AGAIN! Tiny Beatrice, now 6 days old, also needs life-saving heart surgery in Helsinki! The little girl’s family is asking for help to pay for the child’s ambulance transport from Tartu University Hospital to Tallinn Airport and other expenses related to the medical trip within the next three to four weeks, in the total amount of up to 3,800 euros

Beatrice was born with a heart failure – her large blood vessels, pulmonary artery and aorta have changed their place. In order to save a child’s life, an operation must be performed during the first two weeks of life, which is not performed in Estonia. However, Beatrice is ready to receive it at the Helsinki Children’s Hospital, where several other Estonian children have also been successfully operated on. Just 10 days ago, we asked for help for a little Brianna treatment trip with the same diagnosis, whose operation took place last Thursday and everything went well, according to the doctors there.

Unfortunately, 90% of children diagnosed with large artery transposition die in the first year of life without surgery. During the operation (arterial switch operation), the aorta and pulmonary artery are implanted in their “right place” and 95 percent have a very good result and the child can live a full life in the future.

The Estonian Health Insurance Fund pays for the operation and helicopter transport, but all other transport and accommodation costs associated with the treatment visit must be borne by the family. Helsinki Children’s Hospital is ready to operate on Beatrice already this Friday, August 28. How long Beatrice has to stay in Helsinki will become clear after the operation, as well as when and how the little girl will return home.

Beatrice’s family can be helped by calling the Children’s Fund’s charitable telephone numbers.
The donation amount will be added to your phone bill for the same month.

by calling 900 5025, you donate 5 euros
by calling 900 5100, you donate 10 euros
by calling 900 5500, you donate 50 euros

or by making a transfer to the donation accounts of the Tartu University Hospital Children’s Fund with the keyword “Beatrice”

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P.S. You can read about how little Brianna, whose treatment trip we asked for help on August 14, is doing on the Children’s Fund’s social media at