Having received such a difficult diagnosis, 5-year-old Pavel is asking for kind people’s help to continue receiving treatment at Düsseldorf University Clinic in Germany.

Since spring, little Pavel experienced pain in the legs and joints. Haematomas appeared on his body and these kept increasing in size and his general wellbeing worsened. His mother consulted different doctors in Tallinn and East-Virumaa. He was diagnosed with arthritis and a bone fracture. He was admitted to the hospital but his symptoms worsened and doctors could got give an exact diagnosis.

At the end of August, Pavel’s mother took him to Germany to consult doctors there. Doctors at the Düsseldorf University Clinic concluded that his symptoms are caused by lymphoma (a type of malignant blood cancer affecting lymphocytes) and he needs immediate treatment. At the moment Pavel is unable to move independently due to leg pain and has also developed a fever.

Doctors in Germany are ready to treat him straight away but before beginning the treatment, Pavel’s family needs to pay €50000 to the hospital in advance. With relatives’ help, Pavel’s mother has already paid €5000 for various tests and investigations. The full cost of the treatment could reach even €70000 and unfortunately Pavel’s mother does not have such funds. In addition, there are living costs to cover during the treatment.

In order to receive medical treatment abroad, Estonian patients usually need to have the medical concilium’s decision confirming a diagnosis. Sadly, Pavel does not have that because he was not given a definite diagnosis in Estonia. As things currently stand, the family’s only option is to pay the required €50000 and after this payment Pavel could receive immediate chemotherapy.

Dear supporters of the Children’s Foundation, together we can help little Pavel receive the treatment he needs as his life possibly depends on it.

Pavel´s family can be helped by calling the Children’s Fund’s charitable telephone numbers.
The donation amount will be added to your phone bill for the same month.

by calling 900 5025, you donate 5 euros
by calling 900 5100, you donate 10 euros
by calling 900 5500, you donate 50 euros

or by making a transfer to the donation accounts of the Tartu University Hospital Children’s Fund with the keyword “Pavel”

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