Tartu University Hospital Children’s Foundation invites people and companies to forget unnecessary Christmas presents and instead surprise their loved ones, employees and partners with a charitable Christmas card or product. All profits from the sales of the charitable gifts are donated to support severely ill children and the profits from the sales of the Christmas cards go to help the little broken souls.

This year’s Children’s Foundation’s Christmas card has been illustrated by the artist Kadi Kool, who describes the card as follows: “Where there are feathers, there are angels – big and small, visible and invisible. An angel can be someone next to you who notices you, cares about you, understands you. An angel can be someone you do not see, hear or know but who exists nevertheless. Looks at you, thinks about you and does not forget. Angel’s feathers caress at night and their light breeze can be felt during the day. You just have to believe. Close your eyes, feel and believe.”

Christmas cards are available as both paper and e-cards, and all this year’s profit from sales is donated to support the small broken souls. That is, to provide psychological and therapeutic support for children growing up in orphanages and psychological counselling for victims of domestic violence in women’s shelters.

Children in need can also be supported by making delicious and practical Christmas gifts. Among other presents, people and companies can purchase one or many of the 1152 cans of charitable honey, donated to the Children’s Foundation by the honey company Nordmel. All charity items ranging from honey to Christmas cards are available at the Children’s Foundation’s e-shop.

Another option for a Christmas gift is a donation. The donation can be made by purchasing a charitable e-card or a gift certificate that informs the recipient that they have been gifted a donation to help the ill children in Estonia. In addition to the general donation, the Children’s Foundation can target the donation to support a specific project or child. All support projects are available at www.lastefond.ee/toetame.

Kadri Org, the CEO of the Children’s Foundation, believes that charitable Christmas cards and gifts will delight the giver, the gift recipient and the children in need. “Purchasing charitable Christmas cards and charity products means doing two good deeds with one act: sharing happiness by giving a practical gift and making a heart-warming contribution to improve the health of Estonian children. We believe that if a person reads a beautiful Christmas wish from a charitable card or enjoys the healthy charity honey, their soul will feel even warmer than with traditional gifts.

We are also sincerely grateful to the companies and collectives who take Christmas time to pay attention to the weakest and most vulnerable and jointly contribute to the care of severely ill children. What could better create a sense of unity than a charity made together from the heart!”

The Tartu University Hospital Children’s Foundation is one of the oldest and largest nationwide charitable organisations in Estonia, which from the year 2000 has, along with the donators, supported different hospitals in purchasing equipment, also children in need of special treatment and care and their families by a total of 5 million euros. You can also help children in need of treatment by becoming a permanent donator of the Children’s Foundation at http://lastefond.ee/vormista-pusiannetus. To apply for a donation or to let us know about someone in need please send us an e-mail to info@lastefond.ee