Give the gift of reassurance, support permanently – become a permanent donator!

What is a permanent donation, and what does it mean to be a permanent donator?

A permanent donation means regularly donating through a bank through a standing order contract: Each month, on a certain date, an amount chosen by you will be transferred to the Children’s Foundation. You can choose the period of the permanent donations, and end it when ever if needed. If Juss from Võru donates 1 euro each month, and Juta from Tartu also donates 1 euro each month, and each of us would give an affordable part, then we would collect the required funds each month, to help children.

Why are permanent donators important to us?

This way we can persistently support cases that need urgent response from funds available to us, if the person needs support immediately and the Children’s Foundation does not have the time or money to organize a campaign for them.

Also, permanent donations enable us to purchase medical equipment, that needs upgrading, or which there could be more of, for the Tartu University Hospital and smaller hospitals in Estonia. Medical equipment will depreciate in about six years, and the equipment can’t be upgraded fast enough by relying only on the support of the state, which means that there is remarkably depreciated equipment in use. Also, there could be a case, where the hospital has the critical amount of scanning monitors or C-PAP machines, but comes a time, where more are needed. It is especially sad, when it is your child or acquaintance who does not recieve help due to the lack of equipment.

How does a permanent donator know, that their donation goes where needed?

Every permanent donator gets to choose a certain donee from our web page, that they want to support,  by noting their/its name in the explanations(also adding the keyword „permanent donation”).

If a donator only adds the keyword „permanent donation”, the donation will be directed towards a child/field, that needs the most help at the moment.

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