November 2020

PRESS RELEASE: Rudolf, who is only 5 days old, needs life-saving heart surgery in Helsinki and in order for the little boy’s parents to be with his child the family is asking for the help of good people to cover travel and living expenses up to 3740 euros

The Estonian Health Insurance Fund pays for the child’s ambulance and helicopter transport. Medical expenses of little Rudolf at Children’s Hospital at Helsinki are also reimbursed by the health insurance. However as the boy stays in Helsinki for at least 3-4 weeks for treatments, a family with two small children must bear the accommodation and… Read more »

PRESS RELEASE: A very young lymphoma patient needs help to get treatmentt

Having received such a difficult diagnosis, 5-year-old Pavel is asking for kind people’s help to continue receiving treatment at Düsseldorf University Clinic in Germany. Since spring, little Pavel experienced pain in the legs and joints. Haematomas appeared on his body and these kept increasing in size and his general wellbeing worsened. His mother consulted different… Read more »

PRESS RELEASE: A little girl needs help for a safe recovery at home!

Help needed! After a long hospital stay, a six months old girl needs important life-saving apparatus, devices and medical food to safely recover at home. The girl was born with a severe heart defect and due to many co-existing conditions, she requires respiratory support, a pulse oximeter, an aspirator, as well as additional instruments and… Read more »