PRESS RELEASE: Thanks to campaign „Üleannetus“, over 38 000 euros have been collected for children in need of special food mixtures

Tartu University Children Hospital’s Children’s Foundation’s campaign „Üleannetus“, along with charitable family days, held in 15 county centers, have brought in 37 951 euros to children in need of special food mixtures. Of that amount, 23 917 euros have been donated through the Children’s Foundation’s campaign web site www.üleannetus.ee, and 14 034 euros during family days that took… Read more »

PRESS RELEASE: A small girl, trapped in a wheelchair due to her illness and operations, needs the help of supporters to be able to walk again

The Tartu University Children’s Foundation has once again started a campaign, that has a goal to help a child with a mobility disabilty walk again, through consistent and intensive physiotherapy. This year, the Foundation, along with the support of good people, wishes to help 9-year old Hanna-Liisa, who currently is trapped in a wheelchair. Hanna-Liisa… Read more »

PRESS RELEASE: Medihub is calling on Estonian Start-Up companies to support children with mobility disabilites by accepting the „Let’s sit still“ challenge

Estonian Start-Up company Medihub is starting a social media challenge for the first time aimed at Start-Up companies, through which they try to collect donations to support children with mobility disabilites. The campaign will begin at the Start-Up conference Latitude59, taking place on the 25th and 26th May. With the challenge “Let’s sit still”, Estonian… Read more »

PRESS RELEASE: Children’s Foundation is helping to pay for the Horse Riding therapy of a boy suffering from Asperger’s Syndrome

In April, the Children’s Foundation started supporting 10 year-old Siim, who is suffering from Asperger’s Syndrome and who needs horse riding therapy to cope with his disease. The Foundation will help cover the costs of the therapy with 1080 euros during a one year period. The majority of the boy’s problems are related to social… Read more »